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    Moving services near me:

    Commercial moving

    We know that time is a valuable resource. So we will arrange your commercial moving efficiently and at top level. Our employees will pack your freight quickly and cautiously, deliver it to the destination and unpack it at the new location. Your business will move comfortably and within the shortest possible time with us!

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    We will be glad to select store premises for you with suitable size and technical characteristics in any state and city taking into consideration individual peculiarities of your freight. It will be situated as close to your house or office as possible.

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    Packing and unpacking

    We will help to prepare your things for packing. We will dismantle furniture, equipment and other freights and after moving we will mount them back. We will provide you with professional packing materials and pack fragile, valuable and other freights carefully and protectively.

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    International moving

    Moving to another country is always a very important and exciting step. Arranging it takes a lot of time, energy and nerves. We will do our best to help you move as comfortably as possible so you will arrive in another country happy and full of strength.

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    Moving quotes

    We set fair prices for services. We save your money considering logistics competently and selecting the shortest route. We offer discounts to regular customers, take full responsibility for your things upon ourselves. And the cost of mantling and dismantling services is included in the moving price.

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    Office moving

    If you are an owner of a business and planning to move it we will take this responsibility on ourselves. You do not need to worry about freight packing and safety as well as about furniture and equipment deinstallation and installation, our qualified specialists will do this work efficiently and qualitatively.

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    Cross country moving

    Cross country moving with us is easy! Our employees have all the permits and know the legislation nuances of different states regarding moving and freightage. We calculate logistics professionally and save your time and finances considerably.

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    Local moving

    Long distance moving is complicated and stressful. We will provide you with quick, comfortable and easy moving anywhere in the country and the world! We have all the necessary permits and licenses to carry out transportation within the country and abroad. You are safe with us!

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    Long distance moving

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    Your move across the U.S.


    Moving Services works for you without days off and holidays all over the USA. We will be glad to become your reliable partner and prove that moving can be comfortable and carefree. We are also saving as services for packing items and furniture deinstallation are included in the total cost. We are trusted. We are recommended to friends. Make friends with us too!


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    Competent moving services

    Our professional staff of skillful movers is always at your disposal all over the USA. We are here to do our best to cope with your moving no matter how complicated it is. Our highly professional employees have vast experience in all kinds of moving: local, cross-country, international, etc. Besides regular moving services we are ready to offer optional services which you may need, for example storage of your things, packing and unpacking, garbage removal and what not. Any moving is carried out by our best and reliable movers who are well-trained before starting work. Moreover all our movers undergo regular medical examinations. With us you may be sure that your property will be moved safely, we insure all the freights and take full responsibility for it on ourselves.

    «‎Moving Services is your reliable partner in any kind of moving. We will help you move anywhere in the USA, load and unload your things and take care of everytning


    You may think that moving is stressful and complicated. But if you trust your moving to us it will turn out to be vice versa, you will feel relaxed and comfortable during moving»‎


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    costs in 3 minutes


    It does not matter where you are going to move, we will deliver all your things to the new location safe and sound. We have all modern packing materials at hand to protect your things properly. We have a wide range of boxes with various dimensions to transport different kinds of things: small boxes for heavy things and large boxes for light ones. Our movers will pack and load all your belongings carefully not depending on the scale of moving. Our aim is to make your moving successful and easy.


    It goes without saying that moving is tense for every member of the family especially for those who are too old. We understand your feelings and emotions and try to ease stress for everyone in the family. Our goal is to make your moving happier and to help every member of your family leave the old home light-hearted without sorrows. We take care of your moving in such a way that everyone in the family to be positive-minded during the procedure.


    How do we co-operate on moving services near me?

    Our cooperation is composed of several stages:

    You send an application filling in the form on the website or calling to our managers to book the exact date for moving items to the destination.

    We discuss all moving details beforehand: hat distance to overcome, how many items to transport, what vehicles from the fleet are needed for it and other important nuances. And then we calculate and confirm the moving cost. After that it does not change.

    On the appointed day you rest and do pleasant personal activities, and our specialists pack, load, transport and bring your items to the new place.

    Six reasons to choose moving services from our moving companies:

    • professional certified specialists who have all permits and documents;
    • safe movers. All the freights are insured we are responsible for their safety;
    • finance saving. We calculate logistics thoroughly and choose the shortest route;
    • broad geography. We arrange moving to any distance where you wish;
    • complete reliability. All the employees are qualified, quick and punctual;
    • comfort and peace. We support you at all move stages.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, there are. We have a loyalty program for regular customers. We discuss such questions individually. Contact our manager to find out your discount rate.
    Yes, you can. Our professional movers will help you pack glass, fragile and other items carefully and quickly, disassemble and assemble furniture, move the freights inside the premises, get the items up or down the stairs or in an elevator, load them into a vehicle.

    Yes, we do. This service is included in the moving cost. It is performed qualitatively and safely. We take care of your furniture safety and solve this issue professionally.

    Yes, we do. We work round-the-clock for you including days off and holidays and are ready to help you move any day of the week. We adjust to your schedule. The time which is convenient for you is convenient for us too. But it is better to send an application beforehand to exclude the possibility of our busy schedule on a certain day.
    Yes, you can. We move any items professionally and carefully including delicate cargo such as aquariums, musical instruments, mirrors, glass tables, pictures, and china. We recommend using special packing with cushion effects for them.
    If only such freight transportation is prohibited by the legislation of the United States of America or of the country where you want to move. You can see the list of such items here (link).
    Yes, you can. You have the right to escort your freight and follow the car which is moving it.
    It isn’t worth worrying about. We are fully responsible for your freight, it will be insured. Besides, our employees are qualified, well-trained and experienced and such a possibility is minimized. In case you have faced a problem contact our operator immediately.
    Our managers can help you determine an approximate moving duration. It is necessary to take into consideration the number of storeys, quantity and size of the freights, if you need packing and furniture deinstallation services, moving distance and other nuances.
    Yes, we can. We are open to long-term cooperation and provide our regular customers with special mutually beneficial terms. You can specify the details with our managers.


    Loading & Unloading

    We discuss all moving details beforehand: hat distance to overcome, how many items to transport, what vehicles from the fleet are needed for it and other important nuances. And then we calculate and confirm the moving cost. After that it does not change.

    Targeted delivery

    If you need to deliver something more to your new location from some other place, for example, a new wardrobe from a furniture store, we are ready to arrange a special delivery for you. There are no trifles in moving!

    Arranging at the destination

    Our movers are ready to assist you at any stage of moving. When you arrive at the new location they will not leave you without help. They will place furniture where you wish and help with unpacking. You can ask for any kind of assistance from them. They will do any kind of work for you to feel satisfied with moving.

    Our customers say

    I chose movers based on a friend’s recommendation Coordination among the team, confirmed that I made the right choice. I’ll be passing on the recommendation to others.

    Alex Hofman
    Service type:Moving services
    November 27, 2023

    Despite a brief delay due to unforeseen traffic, movers compensated. They managed to unpack and set up my items swiftly. It seems like organized moving.

    Elen Ferman
    Service type:Moving services
    November 27, 2023

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