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With the help of our professional team your move will be quick and almost unnoticeable.


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We pack each shipment individually to keep it intact.

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    types of cargo

    What is included in the local moving service?

    Packing and move

    Packing items, furniture deinstallation, loading, moving and then unloading, unpacking and installation.

    Skilful specialist team

    The procedure professional maintenance by movers, drivers and consultants.

    Packing materials

    Thick boxes, air bubble film, corrugated cardboard, kraft paper, scotch tape, etc.

    Our extensive vehicle fleet

    Selecting one or several vehicles with suitable dimensions and technical characteristics.

    Freight perfect safety

    Thing safety warranty during loading, transportation and unloading, insurance.

    Support during cooperation

    Informational support and competent nonstandard situation solutions during operation.

    all inclusive

    What the local moving cost consists of

    If it is a partial move or a turnkey move when we do everything for you starting from packing items and furniture deinstallation and finishing with unpacking, assembling furniture and putting it into places at the new location.
    What city exactly and what distance you are going to move. The prices for local movers to the neighborhood district and to the other end of the city will be different.
    If you need extended services, for example, professional packing materials, garbage disposal, temporary freight storage at the warehouse.
    What quantity of items you want to move, what their total weight is, how many vehicles will be needed for your local movers.
    If you have fragile, valuable, delicate, properly sized or nonstandard freights among your items which need special transportation conditions.
    What freight protection level you want to choose - basic or extended insurance.


    You need to do three simple steps.

    How to start working with local moving companies near me

    You send an application or contact us on the phone giving our managers maximum details concerning the forthcoming local movers.

    If it is necessary you answer our additional questions for us to calculate the accurate price and include all the required services in it.

    We arrange the date. Then you have a rest or do your own business and wait while we are arranging and performing your local movers.


    The Main Principles of our Work


    We are for clear cooperation and your finance saving, that's why we always think about logistics honestly and choose the shortest routes for moves.


    We want your local movers to be comfortable and within the time limit so we only select punctual and responsible employees.


    It is important for us that you do not worry about your freight safety that's why we treat it carefully and offer insurance.

    We are the most reliable moving companies near you. And round-the-clock we are ready to do our best to make your move easier as we understand what a great stress it is for you. We save not only your time, nerves and strength but money as our prices for services are loyal and we calculate logistics competently.


    You can calculate the cost of the best moving near me using our online-calculator.


    Our customers say


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there any discounts for regular customers?
    Yes, you can. Our professional movers will help you pack glass, fragile and other items carefully and quickly, disassemble and assemble furniture, move the freights inside the premises, get the items up or down the stairs or in an elevator, load them into a vehicle.

    Yes, we do. This service is included in the moving cost. It is performed qualitatively and safely. We take care of your furniture safety and solve this issue professionally.

    Yes, we do. We work round-the-clock for you including days off and holidays and are ready to help you move any day of the week. We adjust to your schedule. The time which is convenient for you is convenient for us too. But it is better to send an application beforehand to exclude the possibility of our busy schedule on a certain day.
    Yes, you can. We move any items professionally and carefully including delicate cargo such as aquariums, musical instruments, mirrors, glass tables, pictures, and china. We recommend using special packing with cushion effects for them.
    If only such freight transportation is prohibited by the legislation of the United States of America or of the country where you want to move. You can see the list of such items here (link).
    Yes, you can. You have the right to escort your freight and follow the car which is moving it.
    It isn’t worth worrying about. We are fully responsible for your freight, it will be insured. Besides, our employees are qualified, well-trained and experienced and such a possibility is minimized. In case you have faced a problem contact our operator immediately.
    Our managers can help you determine an approximate moving duration. It is necessary to take into consideration the number of storeys, quantity and size of the freights, if you need packing and furniture deinstallation services, moving distance and other nuances.
    Yes, we can. We are open to long-term cooperation and provide our regular customers with special mutually beneficial terms. You can specify the details with our managers.

    Any moving is an important event in everybody’s life. And local moving is not an exception. It requires careful preparation and organisation. One of the most effective ways to make this procedure easier is to contact our professional company Moving Services. We are ready to offer a turnkey local moving service for your convenience.


    Local moving service gives our customers an opportunity to entrust our professional team of movers with their moving and get rid of a lot of hassle. This service includes all moving stages starting from planning and packing things and finishing with arranging furniture and belongings at the new location.

    The advantages of cooperation with Moving Services:

    •  We save your time and efforts. Our specialists take all the tasks related to moving upon themselves. It lets you concentrate on other aspects of your life while the professionals take care of the moving.
    •  Professional arrangement: our experienced employees know how to pack things in a proper way so that they stay safe during moving. They also plan routes effectively and coordinate every step of the process.
    • Safety & insurance: we insure all the freights providing our customers with additional protection in case they face some damage or loss during moving.

    Individual approach: we take into consideration all your needs and offer an individual solution for your moving. It allows adopting the moving process in accordance with your wishes and demands.

    • We offer a full complex of moving services. Local moving service from Moving Services comprises everything, from disassembling and packing furniture to unpacking and arranging things at the new apartment. You can be sure that your moving will be carried out at the high-top level.

    Easy Local Moving

    Do you need to arrange moving but have no time for it? Do you know what to start with and how to plan the process? If no, contact Moving Services!


    Our company is an expert in the field of moving arrangement. We take all organisational matters upon ourselves. Our employees are professional in solving issues regarding planning, packing, loading and unloading. We are fully responsible for the transported things and qualitative service. Local moving services are becoming more and more popular. A lot of customers get to be our regular clientele every month.

    How We Work

    Our services are primarily aimed at quality and result. Professional movers, furniture assemblers, packers and drivers will carefully load your property, sort out valuable things, deliver to the destination, unload and put furniture and your belongings in their places at the new location. Our company guarantees 100% safety of your property.

    It does not matter what the scale of your moving is, we always pay attention to every, even small detail. Professional movers know how to treat fragile items, avoid furniture damage during rigging operations and arrange fast and safe transportation. Our main features:

    •   fixed final price approved by the contract;
    •   strict fulfilment of conditions and agreements;
    •   safety guarantee for each item;
    •   possibility to choose any necessary additional options.

    The cost of services is discussed in detail beforehand. And clear understanding of each moving stage and types of work to be done gives you an opportunity to determine and influence the final budget.

    How You Can Get the Service

    It is enough to call us or leave an application on the website. Our manager will contact you in several minutes. Then you need to appoint the date and time for a meeting with a representative of our company at your place. When you meet he will explain the moving procedure in detail, calculate the price after receiving information about the services you need, choose the transportation route and the type of vehicle. After discussion and confirmation from your side you only need to sign the contract and wait for the final result.

    Every customer of our company is guaranteed with the following:

    •       targeted approach;
    •       high-level service;
    •       flexible pricing policy;
    •       professional and prompt support.


    Local moving service is a convenient and reliable solution for those who appreciate their time and want to get rid of extra hassle. Contacting Moving Services you will make sure to get comfort, calmness and confidence in a successful moving.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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