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We pack each shipment individually to keep it intact.

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    We work all over the USA with local carriers as well as with long distance moving companies.

    What moving  you can order from US:

    With our help your moving from an apartment or a house to a new location within the city will be done with your minimal participation. Experienced professionals will estimate the work load with their proficient eye, help to solve the issues with glass or large-size items, schedule the moving and perform everything as soon as possible. Before you know it your house has already moved!

    We will arrange a move for you to any location across the country. We will provide you with reliable state to state moving companies with great experience and knowledge of the legislation of the states through which it is necessary to transport the freight. We will make this stressful procedure as easy and fast as possible.

    Moving to another country is an important and exciting event. It is a more difficult kind of moving than a local one. But we will do our best to make it pleasant and easy and no problems will appear while crossing the border. Our licensed carrier will keep you informed about the freight route and guarantee its safety.

    Using Moving Services you will feel like being on a vacation while your office is moving comfortably to a new work space. Equipping themselves with thick boxes and bubble film, our specialists will move computers, office equipment and furniture, safes, archives, plants and all the other items fast and carefully to the other office.

    If you are an owner of a business and arranging a move we will provide you with suitable moving companies. You will not have to worry about equipment and valuable packaging and safety, about disassembling and assembling furniture as all these services are included in the turnkey movers. Qualified specialists will perform them fast and qualitatively.

    It is not a secret that moving a restaurant is an extremely difficult task. As they have a lot of glassware, dedicated equipment, kitchen machinery, furniture and decor. In such a case you need professionals who understand the special wants of such moves and we have them! We will move your restaurant to a new location quickly and carefully and it will make its guests happy again.

    Movers-moving services every day

    Moving is always stressful. You need to do a lot of items! It is necessary to pack carefully, load compactly and cautiously, calculate logistics, reach the destination, unload and unpack items… Or it is possible to find within or out of state moving companies which are sure to be reliable. You have a headache just thinking about it.

    Get rid of it by ordering professional moving services! Reliable and proven transport company with experienced staff will take your cares upon itself. And you will save time, nerves and strength and move to a new location in a good mood!

    You can choose yourself what moving services will include:

    A turnkey move includes a full stroke of work starting from competent packaging of all the items to be moved and finishing with unpacking items and putting them into places at the new location.

    You can choose yourself what moving services will include:

    A partial move includes furniture, training equipment and other large-size freight deinstallation, packing, transportation and then unpacking and installation at the destination.

    You can choose yourself what moving services will include:

    Delicate and valuable goods moving is for china, glass tables, aquariums, musical instruments, antiques, etc.

    all inclusive

    What is included in the cost of the services from our moving companies near me?

    advantageous logistics calculation and selecting a vehicle with suitable carrying capacity;
    qualified employees who provide you with comfortable and fast moving;
    careful and prompt furniture deinstallation with its following installation;
    loading and moving your items any distance around the USA and abroad;
    freight comprehensive insurance which will protect you against the worries about its safety;
    informational support including replies to any questions during cooperation.

    Rules of working with us are as simple as possible:

    How do we co-operate on moving

    You cooperate with reliable cross country and abroad moving companies which will provide you with end-to-end transportation problem solving.

    You leave an application for Moving Services and give our specialists the information regarding what, where and when you want to move.

    We clarify what is necessary to arrange a professional moving for you, how much time it will take and what the cost is. The cost is confirmed at one and it will not change.

    You do your own business calmly and we take your move upon ourselves. Your items will be waiting for you at the new location at the required date.

    Our company will do its best to save your time and finances:

    • we will provide you with packing materials and select suitable vehicles;
    • we will calculate logistics competent and choose the shortest route;
    • we will provide you with insurance and extended services on your demand.

    We will also reply to any questions and consult on out-of-order problems.


    Our Values and Principles


    You can rely on us like on your true friend. We will not let you down and cope successfully with a move of any complexity.


    We take good care of your time, are not late and calculate logistics carefully to deliver the freight to the destination as soon as possible.


    We know how your items are dear to you. That's why we always insure freights and treat them very carefully during packing, loading and moving.

    Moving near me

    Every person is unique as well as every move is. That’s why we have no fixed rate quotations. But you can estimate the moving cost quickly using our online calculator.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there any discounts for regular customers?
    Yes, you can. Our professional movers will help you pack glass, fragile and other items carefully and quickly, disassemble and assemble furniture, move the freights inside the premises, get the items up or down the stairs or in an elevator, load them into a vehicle.

    Yes, we do. This service is included in the moving cost. It is performed qualitatively and safely. We take care of your furniture safety and solve this issue professionally.

    Yes, we do. We work round-the-clock for you including days off and holidays and are ready to help you move any day of the week. We adjust to your schedule. The time which is convenient for you is convenient for us too. But it is better to send an application beforehand to exclude the possibility of our busy schedule on a certain day.
    Yes, you can. We move any items professionally and carefully including delicate cargo such as aquariums, musical instruments, mirrors, glass tables, pictures, and china. We recommend using special packing with cushion effects for them.
    If only such freight transportation is prohibited by the legislation of the United States of America or of the country where you want to move. You can see the list of such items here (link).
    Yes, you can. You have the right to escort your freight and follow the car which is moving it.
    It isn’t worth worrying about. We are fully responsible for your freight, it will be insured. Besides, our employees are qualified, well-trained and experienced and such a possibility is minimized. In case you have faced a problem contact our operator immediately.
    Our managers can help you determine an approximate moving duration. It is necessary to take into consideration the number of storeys, quantity and size of the freights, if you need packing and furniture deinstallation services, moving distance and other nuances.
    Yes, we can. We are open to long-term cooperation and provide our regular customers with special mutually beneficial terms. You can specify the details with our managers.
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