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With commercial office moving, movers you will feel like having a small vacation


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We pack each shipment individually to keep it intact.

You can leave an application for an office moving here

    types of cargo

    What does the office moving service include?

    A team of experienced specialists

    Our moving are trained to handle your items carefully, they can pack them professionally and have all the necessary tools and dispensable materials.

    A wide range of packing materials

    Office movers often imply fragile and valuable freights which need special packing. We have any packing materials from boxes to bubble film.

    Freight Insurance

    We understand that you need to move archives, important documents, computers, office machines. That's why we insure freights and do our best for you not to worry about their safety.

    A suitable vehicle from our vehicle fleet

    There are vehicles with different capacity and technical characteristics in our vehicle fleet. We will select the most suitable one exactly for your office movers.

    Reasonable logistics calculation

    It is very important especially when you’re planning a long distance moving. Properly scheduled route saves your time and money substantially.

    Informational Support

    Being a man of business you know how valuable the prompt feedback, comprehensive replies to the question and the ability to solve a nonstandard issue quickly are. We guarantee all these items to you!

    all inclusive

    What does the price for commercial office moving depend on?

    Distance. Local moving is cheaper, cross country or international moving is more expensive.
    The required quantity of vehicles. If one vehicle is enough for the freight or it is necessary to arrange more vehicles.
    If you need any extended services such as packing and unpacking items, garbage disposal, storage.
    If you need any packing materials such as boxes, carton, film, kraft paper, scotch tape, etc.
    What kind of insurance will be issued for your freight - standard basic or extended.
    If the freight contains items which are valuable, fragile, properly sized, requiring special moving conditions.


    How can you initiate cooperation with the office moving companies near me?

    The main thing is that you have already found us! The rest you need is to complete three simple actions.

    Contact us in any way which is convenient for you. Fill in an application on the website or call our managers specifying the required date for the office movers.

    Answer our specialists’ qualifying questions, give us as much information as possible for us to calculate the accurate price which is agreed with you and does not change any more.

    Imagine that you are on a small vacation and have a good rest while we take care of your comfortable office moving to a new building.


    The principles guiding our actions

    To be a responsible moving company

    You can trust office furniture and machines, computers and documents of your company to us.

    To be always nearby

    If you have been looking for the office movers near me, we are already here!

    To be in favor of honesty

    We prefer transparent cooperation with competent logistics and relevant prices.

    Are you looking for someone to arrange office movers near me and take all the trouble upon oneself? Congratulations! You have just found a reliable partner! Your office will arrive in the new location in no time with us and you will be able to proceed to business.

    Complex services

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    What’s in store for 

    you in the process?

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    Describe or take pictures of items

    Contact us — our specialists will calculate the cost by volume.

    We'll tell you the exact cost

    It will not change in the process. Packing, work and transportation are already included in the price.

    Focus on your own matters

    Our specialists will do everything themselves: pack, load in the truck, transport and put in place.

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    Calculate the cost of the office movers near me on our online-calculator!


    Our customers say


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there any discounts for regular customers?
    Yes, you can. Our professional movers will help you pack glass, fragile and other items carefully and quickly, disassemble and assemble furniture, move the freights inside the premises, get the items up or down the stairs or in an elevator, load them into a vehicle.

    Yes, we do. This service is included in the moving cost. It is performed qualitatively and safely. We take care of your furniture safety and solve this issue professionally.

    Yes, we do. We work round-the-clock for you including days off and holidays and are ready to help you move any day of the week. We adjust to your schedule. The time which is convenient for you is convenient for us too. But it is better to send an application beforehand to exclude the possibility of our busy schedule on a certain day.
    Yes, you can. We move any items professionally and carefully including delicate cargo such as aquariums, musical instruments, mirrors, glass tables, pictures, and china. We recommend using special packing with cushion effects for them.
    If only such freight transportation is prohibited by the legislation of the United States of America or of the country where you want to move. You can see the list of such items here (link).
    Yes, you can. You have the right to escort your freight and follow the car which is moving it.
    It isn’t worth worrying about. We are fully responsible for your freight, it will be insured. Besides, our employees are qualified, well-trained and experienced and such a possibility is minimized. In case you have faced a problem contact our operator immediately.
    Our managers can help you determine an approximate moving duration. It is necessary to take into consideration the number of storeys, quantity and size of the freights, if you need packing and furniture deinstallation services, moving distance and other nuances.
    Yes, we can. We are open to long-term cooperation and provide our regular customers with special mutually beneficial terms. You can specify the details with our managers.

    Moving Services team will do its best so that the customer absolutely does not take any participation in office moving and avoids such unpleasant situations as increase in the cost of work or property damage. We arrive in the customer’s place beforehand to give a free consultation and then we disassemble furniture, pack, load, transport, unload, unpack and assemble it and remove garbage. When moving is completed we submit accounting documents.


    The customer can use either a full complex of services or a partial one that is he will perform part of the work himself. In such a case our specialists give professional recommendations on how to prepare the property for moving, how to pack things, what packing materials to use and so on.

    Why Moving Services?

    We guarantee the safety of your property. All the things will be transported without a single scratch.

    We appreciate and save your time. We will complete your office moving exactly on time.

    We provide you with a preliminary cost assessment. And we fix the price after on-site estimation.

    How We Work

    Office moving consists of several stages:

    1.   the customer calls us or leaves an application for the services on the website;
    2.   our specialist arrives at the customer’s place to calculate the cost of work;
    3.   the final price is negotiated and determined;
    4.   a contract is made between the customer and the company;
    5.   after signing the contract our employees disassemble furniture, pack equipment and perform loading operations;
    6.   the office property is delivered to the new location;
    7.   furniture, equipment and valuables are unloaded at the specified address;
    8.   the customer confirms the completion of work signing the acceptance act;
    9.   the customer pays for the services in any convenient way.
    What does the Cost of Office Moving Depend on?

    The cost of office moving is calculated based on the number of working places. One workplace includes a computer desk, office equipment and an armchair or a chair. The cost of transporting a workplace is fixed.

    Depending on the size of the premises and the number of workplaces the specialists of our company select the type and number of vehicles, determine how many movers you need and how much time the moving will take.

    The cost of office moving services already includes:

    •       assembling and disassembling furniture;
    •       loading and unloading operations;
    •       office property delivery to the destination

    You can also use our extra services such as additional packing, getting the things up and down if there is no lift in the building, garbage removal and so on.

    Online Calculation of Cost
    You can use our convenient online calculator to determine the preliminary cost of your office moving. It is enough to specify the following information for it:
    •       your full name;
    •       contact phone number;
    •       email;
    •       loading address;
    •       destination address.
      After that our manager will contact you and ask some additional questions to calculate the price more precisely. You will have to advise what floors your old and new offices are on and if there is a lift in the buildings, we also need to know the number of working places to be transported.

    Professional Office Moving

    Is your office going to move to the new location and time is limited? We guarantee a professional approach, careful and prompt delivery of your office property. Hundreds of satisfied customers have already become our regular clientele. Join them! You can trust us! Moving Services will provide you with:

    •       work arrangement at the highest level;
    •       price optimization and cost reduce;
    •       prediction of all transportation peculiarities;
    •       professional safe and sound delivery of all the office property.

    Reasonable Prices and Quick Result

    Office moving services are one of our key working areas. We appreciate our customers’ time and do our work calmly, noiselessly and professionally. Regardless of the scale of the moving, all the procedures will be completed on schedule. The contract made with the customer is absolutely clear and contains the entire list of works including related factors. You only pay the sum stated in the contract. Our company does not charge any payments that are not specified in the contract. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us!
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