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    What is included in International Moving Services?

    Individual counseling

    We have a great experience in international vanlines so we help calculate logistics correctly, offer useful services and answer your questions.

    Competent procedure coordination

    Your personal manager will be responsible for your international movers, he will control freight moving and proper customs preparation.

    Communication during all the moving

    We understand what an exciting event the international moving is so we will keep you informed regarding each stage and guarantee quick feedback.

    Providing suitable transportation

    We provide vehicles with necessary overall dimensions and suitable technical characteristics for moving by land. If it is needed we book air or sea transportation.

    Packing and Loading Items

    To let the items stay safe during international movers it is necessary to pack them professionally and load carefully. We will do it for you.

    Other Extended Services

    We will provide you with everything you may need for a long distance moving - freight insurance, its short-term or long-term storage at the warehouse, garbage disposal after your leaving.

    all inclusive

    What does the price for international moving depend on?

    It depends on the distance and route complexity. If it is a land, air or sea moving or a combination of two or three means of transportation.
    It depends on the complex of services. If it is a partial or complete moving, if you need packing items, providing packing materials, furniture and equipment deinstallation, garbage disposal.
    It depends on the quantity of items and the kind of freight. How many vehicles the international moving companies use, if there are fragile or especially valuable freights.
    If you need short-term or long-term storage of your items at the warehouse during the moving.
    It depends on the freight protection level. If it is a basic insurance or a complex insurance offer including act of God as well.
    It depends on the urgency of your need for the international moving services, season when it is performed and some other details.


    How can you initiate cooperation with the international moving companies?

    So you want to order International moving services. Great! You need to do three simple steps:

    Call or write to us advising the required moving dates, approximate quantity and volume of the items and describe the type of freight.

    Answer our manager’s additional questions, clarify the complex of services and find out the moving price which will not change after being agreed with you.

    Decide other issues, do your own business or have a rest while the overseas moving company is arranging and performing your moving.


    Our Values

    Overall Professionalism

    We provide services of perfect quality. All our employees have necessary licenses and permits and a great moving experience.


    Our attitude to your time and finance is honest. We always find the shortest route, select the most suitable means of transportation and solve nonstandard issues.

    Safety and Comfort

    We guarantee quick feedback and the whole work process monitoring, we handle the freight carefully and provide an insurance.

    We provide International moving services of the highest quality. We calculate logistics competently and perform turnkey movings. Use our rich experience for your benefit, book your moving date with us!


    Calculate the moving cost with the overseas moving company using our online-calculator


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there any discounts for regular customers?
    Yes, you can. Our professional movers will help you pack glass, fragile and other items carefully and quickly, disassemble and assemble furniture, move the freights inside the premises, get the items up or down the stairs or in an elevator, load them into a vehicle.

    Yes, we do. This service is included in the moving cost. It is performed qualitatively and safely. We take care of your furniture safety and solve this issue professionally.

    Yes, we do. We work round-the-clock for you including days off and holidays and are ready to help you move any day of the week. We adjust to your schedule. The time which is convenient for you is convenient for us too. But it is better to send an application beforehand to exclude the possibility of our busy schedule on a certain day.
    Yes, you can. We move any items professionally and carefully including delicate cargo such as aquariums, musical instruments, mirrors, glass tables, pictures, and china. We recommend using special packing with cushion effects for them.
    If only such freight transportation is prohibited by the legislation of the United States of America or of the country where you want to move. You can see the list of such items here (link).
    Yes, you can. You have the right to escort your freight and follow the car which is moving it.
    It isn’t worth worrying about. We are fully responsible for your freight, it will be insured. Besides, our employees are qualified, well-trained and experienced and such a possibility is minimized. In case you have faced a problem contact our operator immediately.
    Our managers can help you determine an approximate moving duration. It is necessary to take into consideration the number of storeys, quantity and size of the freights, if you need packing and furniture deinstallation services, moving distance and other nuances.
    Yes, we can. We are open to long-term cooperation and provide our regular customers with special mutually beneficial terms. You can specify the details with our managers.

    Moving Services provides door-to-door international moving services. Our company is your reliable partner in the field of transportation of personal belongings all around the world. Our team is well-experienced in international relocation services. We have completed hundreds of orders for international moving services around the world.

    Moving Services is a modern flexible company that responds quickly to all changes while providing the first class services. Our company strives for the ideal. We will continue our successful development for one simple reason: our approach to business allows us to provide the best services in the USA. The skilled work of our enthusiastic team headed by experienced professionals is the secret of our success!

    Should I Choose Moving Services?
    • YES. If you want to cooperate with a reliable and flexible company that will transport your property carefully and cautiously. We carry out movings of any scale and complexity and easily solve all issues that arise.
    • YES. If you prefer to work with a company which is able to make the right decisions quickly and minimize inconveniences and expenses during your international moving.
    • YES. If you do not want to pay more than it is stated in the commercial offer. There is no additional payment for overworking or weekend work!
    • YES. If you do not want to face the paperwork. We are ready to take these worries on ourselves. Moving Services eliminates all obstacles that may lead to moving delay.
    • YES. If you want to cooperate with the company that takes care of your property and always strives to exceed the expectations of customers.
    • YES. If you want to see pleasant and friendly staff with a high level of culture at your place who guarantee you the highest level of service. We are proud of our carefully selected team using the best quality packaging materials combined with advanced packing techniques.

    International Moving with Moving Services

    Contact us and we guarantee you the following:

    a door-to-door moving with the possibility of tracking the route of your freight at all stages of transportation;

    a free inspection of your belongings to determine the price of the upcoming moving; a commercial offer that contains a full description of the provided services and their cost;

    successful working experience with international and American companies as well as private customers.

    Moving Starts from Packing

    Moving Services specialists handle customers’ property extremely carefully and solicitously as if it were their own. We use the best packaging materials and time-tested packing technology which guarantees the safety of your belongings during transportation, whether it is highly sensitive computer equipment or expensive interior items.


    Contact Moving Services! We guarantee:

    •       pleasant communication; you will have no difficulties communicating with Moving Services packers as our managers who speak English, German and Spanish and are always happy to help you;
    •       respect; our packers always treat the customers’ property with great respect;
    •       politeness; the Moving Services team respects and accepts the different cultural peculiarities of our customers and treats things that are dear to them with special delicacy;

    ·       attention to detail; our professionals will securely pack important documents and valuable items in accordance with your instructions.


    Despite our efforts and responsibility in our work, something may happen as a result of human factors or adverse weather conditions. Issuing an insurance policy allows you not to think about it and focus your attention directly on moving. Our company offers you to get an insurance policy. We cooperate with the most reliable international insurance brokers that provide us and our customers with high-quality support in case of damage or loss.


    Are You Going to Move Abroad?


    Moving Services has many years of experience and a network of reliable partners around the world. For example, if you need to move from Los Angeles to Dubai, we will arrange your moving quickly, qualitatively and efficiently.

    Contact us and we will send a specialist to you to estimate the scale of the moving or we can do it online at any convenient time for you.


    Our friendly and qualified managers will coordinate all stages of your moving: from scale estimation to delivery in the destination country.


    Call us or leave an application for international moving services on the website!

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