Are you planning to move to another city? Six tips on how to move without problems and stress

Buying a new home always brings joy and positive emotions. However, if the new apartment or house is located in another city, many people experience a lot of stress when dealing with the relocation process. This is an understandable situation, as there are many issues to be resolved related to the transportation of acquired property and the relocation of the entire family. Of course, moving to another city is a rather complicated and time-consuming process. But with proper organization, you can avoid stressful situations and move without any difficulties. We are confident that moving to another city, even for a long distance, can be easy, without unnecessary stress and trouble. Therefore, we have created a checklist of questions and useful tips that will help you prepare for this event in the best possible way and move without any difficulties. Regardless of the method of moving you plan to choose – the services of a moving company, mobile containers, for example, PODS Sity Service, or moving on your own – the tips will help you move with the least hassle and start a new life in a new city. Not sure you can quickly adapt to a new city? Check out our guide to moving to a new city alone. Still not sure how to move without stress and problems? Here are six simple and useful tips.

1. Put your things in order.

Only the most necessary things should be taken with you when you move, otherwise you will be tempted to move the entire apartment. Go through all your belongings, even if it takes a few days, and answer yourself an honest question – do you really want to pack and carry boxes of things you don’t use?
If you have clothes that you haven’t worn for a long time or maybe never worn at all, or household appliances that you don’t use, it’s time to get rid of them. You can simply give them away to friends, or even better, sell them and get some extra money.
How and where to sell valuable items? Post an ad on Craigslist, Nextdoor, Ebay, or Facebook Marketplace. This is a reliable and convenient way to get rid of unnecessary things and earn income. Don’t want to spend time creating ads, taking photos of things, and answering inquiries about the item you’re offering? Then pack everything you don’t need in boxes and call a charitable organization, such as the Salvation Army or Goodwill, and arrange for pickup.

By the way, you can search for the group “I don’t buy anything” on Facebook. Here you can not only put unnecessary items up for sale, but also buy boxes, film, cardboard, foam rubber and other packaging materials at a low cost. As for bulky items, such as mattresses, sofas, or large appliances, you can donate them to a charity organization. Another option is to contact the garbage collection service and find out if they provide free removal of such items. When you have gotten rid of unnecessary things, you can start packing. To help you do this quickly and easily, check out a few ways to pack.

Do you still have doubts about the feasibility of moving to another city?

Almost everyone is concerned about this question, and it may even arise several times when organizing a move. There is no definitive answer to it – it all depends on you and your current situation. The reasons for moving can be varied, for example, you may have been offered a good job in another city with a career growth prospect, or you may want a change of scenery and a change of scenery. If you can’t decide whether to move or not, take a piece of paper, write down all the advantages and disadvantages of changing your place of residence, analyze everything carefully, and it will be easier to make a decision.

2. Explore your new place of residence

Moving to a new apartment is usually accompanied by some difficulties. Before bringing things, you should find time to personally go to another city and carefully study the apartment building in which the apartment is located.
It is important. If the new apartments are spacious, there are elevators in the corridors, then in the old buildings there may be narrow corridors and small rooms. Therefore, you need to plan everything before moving.
Make a diagram of a new apartment. For this you will need a notebook and a tape measure. Draw the dimensions of rooms, corridors, doorways and other premises on the diagram. This is necessary in order to make sure whether it is possible to bring a sofa, wardrobe and other large objects into the apartment. In addition, it is necessary to measure the width and height of the entrance door to the entrance, and if we are talking about the upper floor, measurements should also be made on the stairwell. Agree – why waste energy and money on packing, loading and transportation, when you will not be able to bring furniture and appliances into the new home through narrow openings.
If there is no elevator in the building, then count how many flights of stairs you need to overcome. This is necessary for budget planning if you have to hire movers.
In order to move furniture and other things into the new home without any problems, it is necessary to free up the entire space and carry out a general cleaning even before the move.
It is also worth meeting and talking with the manager of the apartment building. Ask for a specific date and time to reserve a place in the parking lot, or even a place in the elevator. The conversation will not take much time, but it will solve many problems.
Of course, you need to spend a day or even several days to study a new apartment, but this will help to avoid problems and unexpected surprises.

3. Discuss moving-out and moving-in days

To prevent the stress of moving from overshadowing all the joy in your new home, you need to organize and plan everything properly. Choosing the wrong date to move out of your old apartment or move into a new one can cause additional difficulties. If you decide to move out of your current place of residence on the 30th or 31st of the month, you don’t have to rush to move in right away on the 1st of the following month. It may be worth adding one or more days to the move to make it less stressful. Sometimes it’s better to postpone the rental period than to make mistakes in a hurry.

4. Research: what is better – the services of a professional moving company or moving on your own

One of the frequently asked questions of many people is whether to hire a full-service moving company or try to organize a move on their own, for example, using a portable container or renting a truck. It all depends on the specific situation, and you should not rush to choose a moving method.
It is important to think through everything to the smallest detail. What budget can you allocate for an apartment move? Are you moving from a large house with a lot of belongings or from a small apartment to a home with similar living space? Are you ready to spend time and effort on packing all your belongings or do you think it would be better to hire helpers and pay them for their services? Do you need to quickly take all your belongings out of the apartment and load them into a truck for transportation or are there no time limits and you can slowly load your belongings into a container placed near your home?


So, when deciding which method of relocation to prefer, you need to be guided by several important factors:
the amount of money you can spend on moving
the number, size and total weight of things to be transported;
packing and loading rules and parking conditions, whether it is at the place of departure or arrival;
limited or flexible moving schedule;
whether or not there is a need for a warehouse for temporary storage of property.
Personal wishes and preferences, free time, physical and mental readiness for the move – these and other factors influence the final decision on moving planning.
Having taken into account all the decisive factors, we have prepared detailed information on three options for moving to another city.


The first option – Professional moving companies and white glove movers

If the mere thought of packing and transporting your belongings on your own causes you to panic and worry, then it is advisable to seek the help of a professional moving company and use the services of specially trained white-gloved employees.
Who are white glove movers?
These are professionals who not only organize, but are also responsible for all the nuances of the move, from the delivery of packing materials and packing of things to unloading at the place of arrival and placing them in the right room. These are not ordinary movers, they are experts in their field. They know how and can pack a valuable painting, an exquisite service or an antique mirror so that fragile items are not damaged during the move.
Some companies have special temperature-controlled trucks adapted to transport expensive electronics, tools, and other items that require an appropriate temperature during transportation. And white-gloved loaders will take care of safe and secure packing and loading. The conclusion is obvious – if your moving budget is not limited, a moving company will be the best option.

But not everyone can afford to use the service of white-glove movers. Therefore, for people with limited financial resources, we offer a more cost-effective option – hiring ordinary movers to load, drive a truck, and unload the transported items. However, this option also has a number of nuances. In order to avoid problems and scams, you need to carefully check the license, insurance, and reviews of previous customers before hiring. Remember the main thing – if you are offered too low a price for services, be prepared for the fact that it may be significantly increased on the day of the move.
When hiring movers, ask yourself a few important questions:

  • Base rates that are in effect at the time of signing the moving services agreement.
  • Will there be additional charges if you need to carry heavy items up the stairs or other surcharges?
  • How does the fact that things are packed in bags instead of boxes or vice versa affect the cost of moving?
  • What is the flexibility of the schedule, is it possible to change the moving date and, most importantly, how will changing the schedule affect the cost?

Now you have to decide whether you need professional movers or not. Their services will be useful in the following cases:

  • When you are severely limited in time and, due to a hectic schedule, are unable to move on your own.
  • You don’t want to waste your strength on lifting heavy boxes and other items, or such operations are prohibited for health reasons.
  • You know reliable and responsible movers who will do all the work flawlessly.
  • You don’t want to or don’t know how to drive a truck, drive through narrow streets, and park among a large number of cars.
  • You prefer comfort to saving money on moving.
    Whether to hire movers or not is a personal decision for each person.

However, if you can’t afford to pay too much for moving, you need a more flexible schedule for the transportation of your property, you don’t want to hire movers because you’re worried about damaging your belongings, then you should consider other options. For example, when you know for sure that you will need a reliable place to store your belongings, it is advisable to use a portable container.
By taking a responsible approach to organizing a move, you can avoid unnecessary expenses and move without unexpected surprises and stressful situations.

The second option – Moving containers with built-in storage

Container transportation is a less expensive option compared to the services of moving companies, and unlike driving a rented truck, moving with a container is less stressful. Specialized companies are engaged in container transportation.
If you have a parking lot or access road near your home, you can store and load the container for more than a day without rushing.
For example, by using the PODS service, you get delivery of the container on a previously agreed date, transportation of the container after loading to the destination, and, if necessary, storage in a secure PODS storage center. Compared to various container companies, PODS also provides local transportation in addition to long-distance moves. If you find it difficult and time-consuming to load or unload your belongings yourself, you can hire movers for such work on an hourly basis.

PODS containers will be an excellent choice in the following cases:

  • When a person does not want to drive a large-sized rented truck, preferring a contactless, quiet move.
  • If you need temporary reliable storage of cargo during the moving process.
  • If a person is not sure that they can quickly pack and load everything they need into a container and need a more flexible schedule.
  • For those who are not ready to pay large sums for the services of white-gloved movers and are looking for a more cost-effective move.

Of course, when planning a move, everyone is guided by personal needs and capabilities. Some people opt for renting a truck because they are looking for the cheapest way to move, or they want to transport their belongings on their own, including driving the car. Others believe that it is better to pay more, but save themselves from lifting and carrying heavy boxes, so they choose a “turnkey move” with a moving company.
But there are certain nuances for each option. For example, when renting a truck, you should take into account the fact that moving around a big city can be difficult due to limited space and the need to comply with parking rules. In the case of PODS, you do not have to worry about such problems.
If you prefer container moving, you should pay attention to the fact that in some cities it is forbidden to keep containers. It is in such cases that the PODS Sity Service is ready to help, which will always offer a place to store the container and do everything to avoid stressful situations.
Unlike standard container transportation, PODS Sity Service delivers the container to you on a truck equipped with a built-in lift. With the help of the lift, you can conveniently and quickly load and unload the container. You can also combine the standard PODS service with the PODS Sity Service.
Example. Near the house you are moving out of, there is a parking space or driveway where you can place the container for a few days and load your belongings. But in the city where you are moving to, there is no possibility to keep a container near the house. In this case, combining PODS and PODS Sity will be the best option.

For a better understanding, read the principle and rules of PODS Sity Service. At the scheduled time, the driver brings the container to the place of loading. At the same time, the driver does not leave the truck, but stays and controls the lift during loading or unloading. The driver also helps to avoid fines for setting up the container, is responsible for the safety of things and protects property from thieves.
All loading/unloading operations take place at ground level. You do not need to lift or lower heavy boxes and items on a ramp. All luggage is moved to the container or in the opposite direction by a powerful hydraulic lift. If necessary, you can also use the lift to climb up to the container and supervise the loading process.
So, all the things are loaded and the container is ready for shipment. But you are planning to leave in a few days. This will not be a problem. The service will provide transportation to your destination, be it a neighboring city, another state or another country, and leave the container in a secure PODS storage center until you are ready to pick it up for unloading.


Summarizing. In which cases will the city PODS service be useful for you:

  • Driving a truck over rough terrain or across a large area is not suitable for you.
  • For a certain period of time, you need a warehouse where your belongings will be stored under protection.
  • You’re looking for a company that provides local and long-distance moves.
  • You are not in the mood for unnecessary expenses and are ready to pay only for the help you really need.
  • You prefer convenient loading and unloading without physical exertion and energy consumption.

PODS Sity Service services cannot be classified as the cheapest, so if you are looking for more economical options, you should consider renting a truck. If you do not limit yourself to a budget and prefer a full range of services with the help of professional movers, then a moving company is your option. Also, the service is not available for people when there is no PODS Sity service in the city of departure or arrival.


The third option – Truck rental

If you are confident in your ability to organize a move to another city on your own, are not afraid of difficulties and physical exertion, and are ready to drive a truck yourself, then the best solution for you is to do it yourself, or rent a truck.
But in this case, we recommend that you check the availability of parking spaces for your truck and study the parking rules before planning your route. Another nuance is how professionally you drive a truck. You need to be prepared for the fact that in a big city you will have to drive not only on roads loaded with various vehicles, but also on narrow streets with limited space. Therefore, for such moves, you need to be a qualified driver who will not get confused in the most difficult situation.

Renting a truck is a profitable solution for moving in the following cases:
You need to transport things over a long distance and at the lowest possible cost.
You want to personally control the moving process, worry about the condition of your property and do not trust other people to transport your belongings.
You have driven a truck before, feel confident behind the wheel, and prefer online moving planning.
Those who are unable or unwilling to drive a huge truck and park it on city streets or parking lots should prefer other methods of moving. If you need a reliable warehouse protected from unauthorized access to store your cargo, a rented truck is not the best way to go.

Please note. Moving on your own is a time-consuming and complicated process. In addition, moving with a rented truck seems to be the cheapest only at first glance. If you do not return the vehicle to the lessor on time, be prepared to pay a fine. You should also budget for the purchase of fuel, and not just for moving to another city. According to the contract, the lessee is obliged to return the car with a full tank of fuel. In addition, even the slightest damage to vehicles is subject to fines.
Many people choose to rent a truck in order to minimize moving costs. But not in every case is such a move really cheaper. Therefore, it is necessary to take into account all the factors, analyze the advantages and disadvantages of renting, and only then make a decision when choosing between container transportation, truck rental, and moving companies. So choose the most pleasant way of moving and enjoy all the benefits of a new life in another city.


Renting a truck? Plan your route and parking in advance

You have studied in detail the conditions and rules for using freight transport and have decided to move by renting a truck. But in order to avoid stressful situations and additional costs such as fines before departure, you need to clearly plan your travel route, collect information about the availability of parking spaces on the chosen route, study the parking rules and determine where exactly you will stop.
You should also know that in densely populated areas of some cities, truck parking is only possible if you have a parking permit. Therefore, you will have to obtain such permission.
We have prepared several tips that will come in handy when moving to another city with a rented truck:


Check the availability and location of parking spaces in advance

You can search for information about places specially allocated for truck parking on the Internet. You can also find out everything by calling the city transport department and at the same time asking if there are special rules for truck parking in the city. For example, you arrived at the place where you need to unload the car, and there is a “No Parking” sign. Therefore, you should clarify the situation in advance and find out whether it is possible to park a truck in such places, and if so, where and how to get a parking permit for several days or hours.
All these issues must be resolved in advance. If you even have to pay a fee to get a permit, it’s likely to be cheaper than buying a huge parking ticket. In addition, next to the house, it is much easier to unload the truck and bring things into the apartment.


Plan your route clearly

The comfort, speed, and cost of moving to another city depends on various factors, one of which is the choice of route. Therefore, even before you leave, you should decide whether you will drive through rough terrain or use toll highways. Even when traveling on cross-country roads, it is possible that you will have to drive across toll bridges. In addition, it is necessary to study the chosen route to the smallest detail, paying attention to low clinkers and the presence of steep climbs on the road, the presence of one-way streets and other factors. Only when you have all the information about the route can you feel confident while driving and avoid unnecessary expenses.
We recommend that you use Google Street View to select and plan your route. With this resource, you will find the best route for moving to another city.

5. How long will it take to adapt to moving to another city?

Moving is always a complicated process, as one stage is followed by another immediately after the completion of another. That’s why many people are interested in how long it takes to adapt to moving.
Each person may need a different amount of time. But in general, the adaptation time depends on how thoroughly you have prepared for the move, including materially and morally. The more responsible you are in organizing the move, the faster the adaptation will be. For some, moving is an exciting journey that leads to a new life. For others, it’s fear and uncertainty.
Many people who come to a new city for the first time have no idea about the area and infrastructure. Therefore, in addition to deciding how to move, you should also ask in advance what facilities are located near your new home, such as shops, clinics, and gyms. It is advisable to make a list of places that are useful to visit. This will help you to settle in and get used to the new living conditions more easily and quickly.

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6. Congratulations! Have you made your choice? What’s next?

Arriving in a new city, unloading your belongings and moving into an apartment is not all that is involved in moving. There are other things to keep in mind as well.

Change your address

This is very important. While enjoying the privileges of a new life, many people forget about this step. Therefore, you should not delay changing your address for a long time. You need to send an application for change of address to the post office or personally deliver it. The same steps should be taken at the subscriber services and the servicing bank.

Renew your license plates and driver’s license

If you have your own car, then after arriving in another state, you need to get confirmation of your address from the DMV, update your driver’s license and license plates. Each state has a specific time limit for such operations, so you need to have time to do everything without delay.
To avoid sitting in long lines at the DMV, it’s best to make an appointment in advance and arrive at a clearly defined time.

Join social groups

To avoid feeling lonely in a new city, you should think about making new friends. You can do this by joining a dating group on a social network. If you are interested in dancing, you should sign up for a dance class. For those who like to travel, a travel group will be very useful. Each option is an opportunity to meet new friends.

Explore your new neighborhood

To fully enjoy your new life, you need to explore the area you have moved to. You can just walk around or rent a bike to get around the city. This will help you find out where the entertainment attractions or parks are, what coffee shops and other leisure facilities are near your home. Using this advice, you will quickly find new friends, make a list of your favorite places, and fill your new life with positive emotions.

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