How much does it cost to move abroad? A guide to the costs of long distance and long distance moving

When a person plans to move long distances across the country or abroad to change their place of residence, one of the main questions that arises is how much such a trip will cost. The answer to this question is ambiguous, as the cost of moving is influenced by various factors. However, before you spend time studying the offers of potential carriers and providing your phone number or email address to receive a response, you should have a basic idea of how much money you may need for transportation over a specific distance. To help you make a more objective assessment of this situation, we suggest using our guide to calculating the cost of long-distance transportation.

With the help of favorable offers from PODS, you will be able not only to plan your move to a new place of permanent residence correctly, but also to significantly reduce budget expenses. Here are examples of approximate costs for three types of moves:

  • a hiking trip between the coasts. The route is cross-country for a distance of 2800 miles;
  • moving with the transportation of belongings in a direction from the northeast to Florida for a distance of approximately 1000 miles;
  • moving to a state or nearby city 100-500 miles away from your location.

The guide will help you understand what determines the cost of long-distance and international moving, what you can save on and what you shouldn’t. We will also familiarize you with the advantages and disadvantages of the three main options for cargo transportation: the first is rented trucks, the second is the services of transport companies, and the third is moving and storage of PODS containers.
If you want to take advantage of valuable recommendations, avoid unnecessary hassle, and plan your move accurately, let’s get started. But please note that the calculations we offer are approximate and may differ slightly from the direct price offers of transportation service providers.

Please note that depending on the option you choose to travel along the same route, the cost will be different.

Examples of the cost of moving in different ways from New York to Los Angeles
If you use a rented truck, you’ll need to pay about $3,200 for the move. The amount is indicated without fuel costs and may vary depending on your location, size, and carrying capacity of the truck.
If you use a roomy portable container, a similar move will cost an average of $4,400.
Using the full package of services of a professional moving company, the cost of transporting things and a small amount of furniture will be $6500.
For each of the options, the average amount is indicated, which is calculated taking into account the highest and lowest price offers.

Moving prices for each region within the country. We suggest analyzing the table of the most popular routes between the West and East coasts and using it to choose the most suitable option for yourself.


Distance, miles

How much does the move cost, $


Moving company

Truck rental

New York to Los Angeles





New York to San Francisco





Miami to Los Angeles





Miami to San Francisco





The price of moving includes transportation and one-month storage of cargo. The truck rental price does not include fuel costs. The cost of transportation by a transport company includes transportation services, loading and unloading of luggage.
The prices are based on the results of the analysis of price offers as of May 2024 for moving a household with 2-3 bedrooms (800-1200 sq. m.), conducted by PODS and MoveBuddha. The amount does not include insurance and tax expenses. The final cost depends on the exact amount and dimensions of your luggage, the date of your move, and whether or not you have any discounts.
For more information, please call PODS at 877-350-7637.

Map of routes from New York to Tampa, Florida

For those planning to move from the Northeast to Florida, the three most popular and attractive cities to live in include Orlando, Miami, and Tampa.

Regardless of the purpose for which a person plans to move from the south to the north or in the opposite direction – for employment, study, permanent residence or other purposes – in any case, everyone should know what costs they will face when planning a trip. And you can find out the approximate cost and choose the best option for yourself in terms of quality/convenience/price from the table below.


Distance, miles

How much does the move cost, $


Moving company

Truck rental

New York to Orlando





New York – Miami





New York – Tampa





The prices shown in the table are valid as of May 2024, calculated by PODS together with MoveBuddha based on the study and analysis of services in the cargo transportation market. Taxes and insurance are additionally payable.
Having studied all the price offers from the table, it is not difficult to understand that the least expensive option is to rent a car. But there is one caveat – if you add the cost of purchasing fuel to the specified amount, the cost will be much higher. In addition, you will need to pay extra for the services of loaders for loading at the place of departure and unloading at the place of arrival. Therefore, before you give preference to a particular option, you need to study and take into account all the factors that affect the overall cost, comfort and reliability of the move.
Interested in more information on moving to Florida from the Northeast? Call PODS at 877-350-7637 and get all your questions answered.

How much does it cost to move 100 to 500 miles?

Are you planning a move and the distance between your departure and arrival is 100 to 500 miles? Compared to moving across the country, the distance is much smaller. But even in such cases, it is difficult and time-consuming to make a move on your own. First, you need to load your belongings into the car, then unload them at the place of arrival. All this takes a lot of energy and time. And if you want to transport furniture or large household appliances, you will need movers to load them. Even with proper organization, it will take at least two days to move.
Of course, everyone decides for themselves which method of moving is best for them. But in most cases, preference is given to professional cargo transportation services. To help you carefully organize your move and plan your budget, we suggest you check out the table and find out how much you need to move to a city in your own or a neighboring state.


Distance, miles

How much does the move cost, $


Moving company

Truck rental

Richmond – DC





Austin to Dallas





Los Angeles – Phoenix





Tampa to Atlanta





Using containers from PODS, you can not only transport all your things, but also leave them for storage for a month. Transportation services from moving companies include loading, transportation and unloading of cargo. Renting a truck is accompanied by additional costs, since you will have to purchase fuel and hire loaders at your own expense. Prices are based on PODS and MoveBuddha estimates for moving a household with a total area of 800-1200 square meters. meters and are valid as of May 2024. The indicated amounts do not include taxes and insurance. Do you want to calculate how much the move will cost in your case? Call PODS and find out all the information you need. Contact phone number 877-350-7637.

What types of moves are considered long-distance?

Most companies that are professionally engaged in cargo transportation consider long-distance moves to be those when the transportation distance is 400 miles or more. However, there are many carriers who limit their definition of long-distance to a distance of approximately 100 miles.
Regardless of how many miles it is from your location to the place of relocation, before signing the contract, be sure to check with the carrier how the distance affects the rates and what the cost of services depends on. Also, do not forget to read everything that is written in the contract in small print. This will help you avoid surprises and troubles.

What determines the cost of long-distance and international moving?

The volume of cargo and the distance to which things need to be transported are the main two factors that determine the cost of moving.
However, other costs should be taken into account when making a budget, for example

  • packing and unpacking costs
  • moving insurance
  • cargo storage;
  • taxes and customs duties.

The route and method of transportation is of great importance. There are common and rare routes. For example, an international move between the United States and Canada is common and, due to competition, it may cost less than a move the same distance on a less common route.
The final price also depends on the method you choose to transport your belongings. Therefore, when deciding whether to choose a mobile container, a rented truck, or a traditional moving company, consider every factor that may affect your plans and costs.

Distance of the move

The longer the move, the more expensive it will be. Have you determined exactly how many miles it is from your current home to your new address and want to calculate the cost? By using PODS containers for long-distance moving, you will be able to favorably balance the transportation schedule and budget. If after arrival you need time to find a permanent home, then there is no doubt that the cost of moving with PODS is considered the most profitable and competitive.

Household size

Are you planning to move personal belongings, furniture and household appliances? When drawing up a moving estimate, moving companies calculate the amount taking into account the weight of the entire cargo. When renting trucks and using portable containers, the cost depends on the type and carrying capacity of the vehicle or the size of the container. Accordingly, moving a one-room apartment will be cheaper, while for larger households transportation will cost more.

Driving a car

The longer the moving distance, the harder it is for the driver to drive. Even the most experienced driver needs to rest on the road, which means that he or she will have to stop several times and look for a parking space. By giving preference to mobile containers or the services of a transportation company, you do not have to spend energy on driving a truck.
Another important point. If you take into account the additional costs required to refuel a rented car with fuel and need a place to store your cargo upon arrival in another city, then a portable container will be a very good option in such cases, both in terms of cost and convenience of moving.


Transportation companies provide services for loading and unloading boxes, furniture, things, and other cargo. They can also pack and unpack things, but for an additional fee.
If you choose portable containers or a rented truck for transportation, this will allow you to order the services of movers for packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking on an hourly basis. At the same time, you pay only for these services that are really necessary and impossible to cope with on your own. This option is especially beneficial when moving over long distances.


So, you have signed a contract, but circumstances have developed in such a way that you cannot leave on the previously agreed date. What awaits you in this case? Moving companies charge an additional fee for rescheduling. The amount can reach up to $500 or more, depending on how many days the move is postponed. There are also penalties for truck lessors.
By using the portable container service, you don’t have to worry about any unplanned expenses. PODS does not charge an additional fee, but you need to inform us about the change of date at least three days before the delivery of the containers or picking them up from the storage place with the transported items.


When planning a move, you need to think through all the nuances. A large number of people moving from one city to another rent housing for temporary residence for a certain period of time. This is necessary not only to get to know the new area. First of all, additional time is needed to find and buy your own apartment or house. In such cases, portable containers will be the best option, and PODS includes a month of storage in the moving cost.
If you are moving using the services of a transportation company, you should ask in advance whether they provide a place to store your belongings and, if so, under what conditions and how much it costs.
If you rent a truck, you will have to look for a storage space on your own. In addition, it is possible that you will need to rent another truck and the services of loaders for loading and unloading.

Season and time

It is necessary to plan the moving date correctly. Moving costs vary in different seasons of the year. The most expensive transportation of things will cost from May to September. The lowest prices for cargo transportation are in November and December. If you want to save money on moving, it is better to do it on a weekday, as transportation on holidays is more expensive.

Packing for moving

All things must be packed securely. The cost of packing materials and boxes for moving a one-room apartment is about $90, for an apartment or house with 2-3 rooms, the cost of packing materials will be up to $300 or more.
Most moving companies include shrink wrap in the price of their services, but you have to buy boxes and other materials for packing small items yourself.
If you are interested in free and fast delivery of packaging materials, contact and everything you need will be delivered right to your door at the specified time.


As a rule, moving companies do not charge extra for fuel. But when renting a truck, buying fuel will be expensive, especially when moving a long distance. And you need to return the car to the lessor with a full tank of fuel, otherwise you will have to pay a fine.

Moving insurance

Before signing the contract, ask the lessor or owner of the truck whether they have an insurance policy and whether it includes protection of cargo during transportation. If they don’t, be sure to take out insurance on your own.
Accidents or other damage to property can happen while traveling. Therefore, you should not save on insurance.
Our moving insurance guide has many useful tips and recommendations on what to insure and for how much.

Hotels and food

Transportation of belongings is not the only issue that needs to be addressed when organizing a move. You and all your family members also need to move. If the new place of residence is a long way away, you need to rest and eat on the way, especially if you are driving the truck yourself. Therefore, you should think about all these nuances before moving.
We are ready to provide useful advice on the move itself and on how you can save money on the trip.

How difficult is it to move across the country?

A trip, even a long one, can be an exciting and enjoyable journey. But you shouldn’t limit yourself in time and of course have the means to do so. For many people, however, moving requires a lot of planning, both in terms of time and budget. But in any case, moving should not be accompanied by physical and mental exhaustion or other unpleasant problems.
We have taken care of your comfort, prepared guides and checklists. Using our advice, you will be able to take into account the smallest details, move to a new home without stress and nerves, and turn the most difficult move into an interesting journey.

Why has moving across the country become so expensive?

The country has seen a significant increase in prices in recent years. Everything is more expensive, including transport services. The increase in the cost of moving is caused primarily by the fact that the cost of fuel has increased. Also, many companies face the problem of a shortage of drivers due to high competition, so they have to increase wages, which accordingly affects the cost of services.
Another factor that makes moving more expensive is the requirements of the US Department of Transportation to install an electronic registration device in the truck. According to the rules, each driver must comply with the set number of working hours. It is precisely this device that records how many hours the driver works and records violations.
When answering the question of why moving has become so expensive, it is also worth noting the increase in the price of vehicles and their maintenance. Compared to December 2020, prices have increased by 18%. But according to forecasts, the cost of cars should stabilize in 2024.

How can you save on moving?

Moving requires substantial expenses, so every penny saved is important for the budget. We offer simple tips that will help reduce the cost of moving:
1. The first thing to do is to consider more offers on the market of transport services, compare the conditions and cost of moving from different companies. When choosing a moving company, ask if they offer discounts when preparing an estimate.
2. It is better to move from mid-autumn to mid-spring. In the off-season, transport services are somewhat cheaper. If you are interested in the lowest cost, it is better to move in November or December.
3. Quantity of cargo. You probably have a lot of things you don’t use. Therefore, it is not necessary to transport everything, it is better to get rid of unnecessary unnecessary things. This will help save on the cost of moving.
4. Packing and loading. The services of professional movers are too expensive. Try to pack everything you need yourself, if possible, ask friends or relatives to help with this task.
5. Ask for a moving discount, especially if you’re retired, lifeguard or military.

Regardless of which method you choose for moving, using the tips listed above, you will be able to save a significant amount.

How much money will be needed to move across the country?

If you carefully studied and analyzed the above information, you understood how wide the range of price offers for moving, including across the country, intercity and short distances. To summarize, the range of the average cost of moving is from 2 to 10 thousand dollars.
Oh well? Pricing factors are considered. Now we offer to learn in more detail about different ways of moving, to study the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Traditional moving companies

Using the services of a moving company is a win-win option for those who do not have a time limit for moving, do not need long-term storage of goods at the place of arrival and are ready to pay not only for the transportation of things, but also to take care of their own comfort and safety on the road.
Packing and loading services are usually included in the total cost of moving. But not everything is so simple and without unnecessary problems.
Before drawing up an estimate, movers want to see your house for themselves, estimate the number and size of items that need to be moved. You will need special preparation and organization on the day the porters arrive. You must clearly define what things need to be packed and control the entire process.
We also want to warn you that there are many scammers on the market. They attract customers with very low prices, and after loading the cargo, they increase the total cost several times. Therefore, it is worth spending time studying information about the company, reading reviews of previous customers. It is also necessary to personally check the existing licenses, inquire whether there is an insurance policy, analyze the proposed tariffs and the list of services included in the total cost.

Pros and cons of moving companies



No need to spend strength and energy on packing and loading heavy objects

A full range of services is expensive

A professional driver is responsible for driving the truck

A rigid schedule, deviation from which leads to an increase in price

When choosing a good company, you will not face any problems

The risk of damage to items is too high, including total loss

There is always an opportunity to use additional services

Wide potential for additional costs

Containers for moving and storage PODS The use of mobile containers allows you to save significantly compared to the services of moving companies. Transportation of cargo over rough terrain will cost about as much as renting a truck. This eliminates the need to drive the vehicle yourself. When moving in containers, you will have to spend more time and effort on packing and unpacking, but this method offers reliable control and greater flexibility of transportation, not to mention the convenience and reliability of storage. For an average household, one 16-foot PODS container is enough. As for the cost of moving, you can calculate the price yourself. Simple and convenient online tools are available around the clock, using which you can quickly determine which and how many containers you will need to move across the country.

The operation of the containers is organized as follows:

1. The container is delivered to your current place of residence on the required date.
2. You do the packing and loading without haste. The container is rented for a month. So you can pack it yourself, and hire movers with hourly pay to load heavy items.
3. PODS picks up the finished packed container and ensures its transportation to a new place of residence or for storage in a secure warehouse.
4. After unloading, you do not have to deliver the empty container yourself, PODS will pick it up.
The nuance of moving with a container is that in large cities, not every house has the opportunity to place it. Therefore, you need to be prepared for the fact that you will have to look for a parking lot or another place to park the container.
However, the PODS City Service is designed specifically for urban areas, which allows us to offer each client the best option.


Advantages and disadvantages of containers

Of course, moving will be the cheapest if you do most of the operations yourself without any help. But this requires considerable physical exertion and time. Therefore, you should carefully consider all the points to choose the most convenient way to move.

Truck rental

For long-distance moving, renting a truck is a complex and time-consuming process. All issues must be resolved independently, starting with the fact that you need to pick up the truck from the lessor yourself. Similarly, you will have to solve the tasks of packing, loading, driving, and unloading things yourself.
You should pay attention to the fact that you must return the truck to the owner with a full tank of fuel and in good condition. Even minor damage must be compensated for.
If you have extensive experience driving a car, you will certainly face difficulties with trucks. Especially when you have to drive over rough terrain or through narrow city streets. All these points need to be taken into account.


Pros and cons of truck rental




Affordability – moving with a container is cheaper than the services of moving companies

The final amount is slightly higher than the cost of renting a truck for long-distance transportation

Convenience – you don’t have to drive a truck

Need a parking space

Flexibility – you don’t have to rush to pack and load

No need to pack and load yourself or hire movers

The availability of specially equipped and protected from unauthorized access warehouses for storage

If it is impossible to unload things immediately upon arrival, the truck will have to be left on the road



For short trips, renting a truck is the cheapest way

Transporting things over long distances is costly

You can book a car and calculate the cost online

Driving a truck is difficult, there are high risks of stressful situations on the road

You set the schedule and route of transportation of things yourself

Problems with parking a multi-ton truck


Large selection of trucks by brand and payload

Goods storage capacities are limited, each day of using the truck is an additional payment

How much money do I need to have to move across the country?

We emphasized that depending on the chosen method of moving, the cost will range from $2000 to $10,000.
Moving is always a complicated and costly process that requires a responsible approach, so do it without stress and unpleasant surprises.
(Source: Ketut Subiyanto via Pexels)

We hope that with the help of our guide you will be able to choose a way of moving that will fully meet your needs and financial capabilities.

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