How to transport televisions and monitors correctly

JAN 23, 2024

Arranging moving we may often face various difficulties as do not know how to move this or that thing in a proper way. Today we are going to discuss in detail the ways and the rules of transportation of LCD and plasma panels of modern televisions and computer monitors.


The main and principle rule of packing monitors and televisions is that the screen must not be pressed and pushed. Remember that it is strictly forbidden. Any physical force even minor applied to the screen may result in the extensive damage of a very expensive device. Factory packaging is a very durable and expensive box in which the monitor is transported. Inside the box the screen is isolated from possible external impact with the help of special pads made of foamed plastics. If we have a close look at any modern monitor we will find out that it is produced of a very strong plastic. Just one fragile part of the device is the screen and it only needs to be isolated and protected during transportation.

Breaking down stereotypes

Most of the customers using moving services of specialized moving companies have a certain idea how the television screen should be packed. They surf the net where they see numerous pictures showing screens packed thoroughly in air bubble wrap. Is such kind of packing acceptable? And what are its purposes?

Actually packing the screen of the monitor or television using film (even if it is the most modern and expensive) does not solve the main issue, which is screen isolation and protection, rather the opposite. Any pressure on the film will be automatically transferred to the screen exactly due to the air bubbles. Such kind of load will be more or less uniform but in any case it is not acceptable. Professional moving companies will never offer you to use such kind of packing for your televisions and monitors. If it happens it means that you either deal with a dishonest company representative who is trying to sell you an absolutely unnecessary service and expensive packing materials or he is just unprofessional and does not know what to do. In such a case it is recommended to turn to some other moving company.

Proper packaging of monitors and televisions


During office moving the correct packaging of computer monitors must be performed as follows. Two monitors having the same screen size are put together screen to screen. A sheet of thick cardboard is inserted between the screens. It must cover the whole surface of the screens. After that the monitors are fixed to each other with the help of scotch tape. To tell the truth, the cardboard is not very important for screen isolation as the screens of the monitors placed in such a way do not touch each other because of protruding edges of the monitors. The cardboard just prevents the plastic of the monitors from possible getting scratches.


Transportation of televisions must be carried out in the following ways:

the screen of the television is laid with hard cardboard which is fixed to the television with scotch tape; in the body of the vehicle the television is placed turning the screen to the side of the body and is fastened in such position; for this kind of transportation the vehicle must be equipped with a furniture van with a side tie and having a flat side;

large-sized panels are transported together with stands; television is mounted on the stand with the screen turned inside; then the television is fastened to the side of the vehicle together with the pedestal; during such transportation the screen must not touch other things and furniture which are being moved at the same time.

If you are too busy to arrange office moving yourself you can always contact a professional moving company which will follow all the above-mentioned transportation instructions and undertake all moving troubles. Skillful movers will pack and load fragile and valuable things in the most careful way so that you will not have to worry about their safety.

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