Prepare for moving competently: how can you arrange the business and not to miss anything?

Moving is often compared to a fire. And it is not for nothing. It is like a natural disaster makes you fuss, hurry, waste your time and worry literally every minute. How can you make your moving comfortable, calm and measured? Read our advice!

Plan beforehand

Moving is rarely sudden and spontaneous. It is usually prepared beforehand so it is necessary to think about packing not at the last moment. Experts believe it is better to do it a month prior to the supposed leaving date. In such a way you will be on time without nerves.

It is necessary to start with seasonal items and those ones which are rarely used. They are, for example, holiday tableware, Christmas-tree decorations, clothes for other seasons and tools. Such items are usually stored in closets and garages. They may be packed first.

Sort items at once. If you don’t need something any more give or take these items away not to collect rubbish at the new location.

Prepare the space where you can place the packed items for them not to impede your walk.

Collect packing materials

Different items require different packing. You should take care of it long before packing too.


  • thick carton boxes
  • corrugated cardboard
  • air bubble and food film
  • large garbage bags
  • kraft paper, scotch tape, etc.

It is also better to buy stickers and a thick marker to mark the package. You may also need scissors, cords, a stapler and other  small items.

Make lists of the packed items
To avoid a headache at arrival in a new location it is required to mark each box and package. Get a notebook where you will write down what is in the package under this or that number. So you will be able to find what you need much quicker. Mark boxes with special items which are fragile or too heavy.

Prepare the house gradually

As practice shows you can start doing it a fortnight before leaving. The major part of the items must have already been packed by that time and basic items necessary for everyday use are only left.

Empty the freezing chamber. You can clean it and not put food there any more. If you are not planning to call a cleaning company, clean the furniture and disassemble the one you can do without, pack hardware. Clean carpets, wash plinths, blinds and windows.

Don’t forget to take clothes from the dry-cleaner’s, pay bills and doomages, get mail and parcels.

A week before moving: top readiness

Prepare household appliances. Switch off a dishwasher, washing and drying machines, clean them and let them dry properly. You should prepare the fridge 24 hours before leaving.

Don’t forget to discharge oil out if the lawn mower and disassemble garden hoses. If you have garden furniture it also must be dry and clean. Vacuum and roll the carpets.

Sort the packed items. Put the valuable and fragile ones separately from those which can be loaded into the vehicle one onto another. Keep hand luggage separately as well.

If you have pets, take care of their cage and carrying cleanness.

Besides, prepare the items and food which you will use during the first night at the new place. Let this box or package be at hand not to look for it among others.

You have just moved in a new house: some important advice

Before taking the boxes in make sure you will not damage floor coating by them. Possibly it’s worth protecting it from scratches. Do a light wet cleaning not to dust the unpacked items. Make sure you haven’t forgotten anything in the vehicle.

Unpack items gradually following the inventory list. Start from the most necessary items.

What else it is important to do if you have moved to the other state:

  • get new communal and Internet bills;
  • register the car;
  • register for voting;
  • get acquainted to hospitals and drugstores;
  • contact insurance agents;
  • renew paper subscription if it is necessary.

Forewarned means armed. We wish you a successful and easy moving!

What can you do if you have no time and strength at all?

Use professional moving services. You can order both a turnkey moving and a separate packing, transportation, temporary storage of the items at the warehouse from specialized companies.

We provide all these services in your city and will arrange and perform your moving with pleasure carefully. You will have time to complete pending business, say goodbye to your friends or just have a rest and then you will get to a new location with fresh energy without any trouble.

Contact us! We are glad for every customer!

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