How to move musical instruments to the new apartment

Changing the place of residence many people face the issue how to transport musical instruments so that they are not damaged. Even one minor mistake during transportation may result in the wrong sound of the guitar or piano. Today we are going to discuss how to transport piano safely and how not to damage other musical instruments.

How to transport a piano properly

Transportation of overall goods always has its own rules and piano transportation is not an exception. On the one hand, this musical instrument has a considerable mass; on the other hand it is characterized by a fragile internal structure. So not to damage its string mechanism and save the quality of sound it is necessary to comply with the existing requirements for this type of cargo.


Despite incredibly large dimensions actually piano is a rather fragile musical instrument which requires the most careful attitude. That’s why many owners consider it difficult to answer the question how to transport piano correctly. However the procedure should not cause any troubles if you find out certain nuances beforehand.


If you have decided to transport a piano yourself without the assistance of movers you should know the following things:

  • it is necessary to remove all covers and panels to protect the parts from damage and decrease the weight of the musical instrument;
  • protect the strings of the piano with a layer of cardboard;
  • it is not recommended to move the instrument on the attached metal rollers as they are not intended for it and may ruin the floor covering;
  • it is necessary to exclude completely the possibility of moisture or dust getting inside the musical instrument during transportation; to do that you should wrap the piano with special packing material and fix it with adhesive tape;
  • depending on the weight of the instrument various additional devices may be used for its transportation, for example, rigging belts, sleds or special carts;
  • getting the piano down the stairs, it is strictly forbidden to put it on the steps with its angle; you should lift up the instrument synchronously; besides, during getting the piano down it is worth doing frequent stops for rest;
  • as piano is a very heavy musical instrument you should assemble a team of not less than six people to carry it from the apartment to the vehicle.

As piano is a difficult cargo to transport it is more logical to charge a professional moving company with this task. Doing it you will be able to avoid many difficulties both physical and technical. Experienced movers have all the necessary tools, accessories and skills to do the job.


How to transport a drum set

The question about proper transportation of a drum set is not less popular during moving. In case with drums they are much easier to transport in comparison with a large-size piano.  

How to pack drums correctly:

  1. at first you need to prepare special packing bubble wrap matching the size of the drum set; you also need cardboard boxes for transportation of items and scotch tape;
  2. then it is necessary to wrap the drums using the bubble wrap; it is worth noting that in this case you should try to cover carefully all the parts of the musical instrument;
  3. after that the packed set is put in a cardboard box; don’t forget to measure the dimensions of the drums before buying the boxes to avoid mistakes while choosing them;
  4. then it is necessary to close the box and glue it with scotch tape; after that you can load it into the vehicle and deliver to the destination.

How to transport a guitar correctly

Stringed instruments are much easier to transport than any others. Moreover electric guitars are easier to transport than acoustic ones as they have durable and thin bodies which will not break down in the trunk of a car.


The question “How to pack a guitar before moving?” has a simple answer. You need to purchase a special case in which the instrument will be protected from moisture and mechanical damage. In addition it is recommended to follow the transportation tips listed below.

How to transport a guitar correctly:

  • hard cases are more suitable for long-distance moving; it is worth saying that such cases have a range of advantages: they are more convenient and reliable; thanks to a hard case the neck and the body of the guitar will stay intact even after being dropped down;
  • it is recommended to load the guitar into the vehicle with maximum care placing larger items under it; the less load on the case is, the lower the risk of possible breakdown is;
  • in case there is a possibility of temperature change during transportation it is recommended to slightly loosen the string tension to remove excess tension on the neck;
  • there are special pockets inside the guitar case where you can additionally put a new set of strings, cutter and other accessories for the instrument.

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